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Category Archives: Reviews

Movie Review – Jatt & Juliet 2


Here comes the sequel of the biggest blockbuster of Punjabi Cinema, Jatt & Juliet. As expected the entire main cast has been similar to the first part. Alike current trend of Bollywood, Punjabi cinema is also going for sequels. First part, Jatt & Juliet 2 being the biggest blockbuster Punjabi movie, the sequel generates even bigger expectations for the audience. Read more…

Movie Review – Sikander


The title Sarsa changed to Sikander for some reasons and the release of the movie delayed by nearly a year. Now the movie has been released but with some extra protections in theatres and with A rating too. Carrying so many narrative things, Sikander came to the screens today.

Sikander is a typical Jatinder Mauhar movie. Jatinder Mauhar directed Mika Singh starrer Mitti in 2010 and while watching Sikander one gets the feeling of Mitti part two. Read more…

Movie Review – Oye Hoye Pyar Ho Gaya


With Yaar anmulle song, Sharry Mann didn’t only make his debut in Punjabi Industry but he touched the heights of success with it. The little gap left between Sharry Mann and stardom was fulfilled by his second album Aate Di Chiri. So those super hit albums set the tone for Sharry Mann to ride a movie at his own.

The stardom of an artist in one stream helps to go for other but it also gets the artist under pressure to deliver a stupendous work as per his fans expectations. Read more…

Movie Review – Jatts in Golmaal


It’s like raining comedy movies! And the comedy faces are same too in most movies. Gurpreet Ghuggi, Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, B.N. Sharma, Karamjit Anmol, they are like limelights for Punjabi movies these days. They have been delivering such fantastic entertainment which attracts the audience towards the cinema hall every time these names are associated with a movie. Read more…

Movie Review – Rangeelay


In the recent past Jimmy Shergill is wearing a producer’s hat rather than being on screen in Punjabi movies. After Dharti released in 2011, it’s the first time Jimmy Shergill is doing a lead role in a Punjabi movie. The other surprise Rangeelay contains is, bollywood beauty Neha Dhupia is making her debut in Punjabi cinema. So these factors make Rangeelay eye catching for Punjabi movies audience. Read more…

Movie Review – Sadda Haq


Many controversies were revolving around the movie Sadda Haq which caused a delayed release of the movie in India. The movie was banned for containing some issues regarding terrorism history of Punjab and some real stories related to terrorism.

Finally when it has been released it resulted in having equal number of policemen as the audience in and around the cinema halls. Read more…

Movie Review – Lucky Di Unlucky Story


Lucky DI Unlucky Story, made by same director with almost the same star cast of Carry on Jatta, carries the same expectations also. The scenes, characters and dialogs of Carry on Jatta are still very much fresh in everyone’s mind and above that the same team comes up with another project “Lucky Di Unlucky Story. The success of their previous venture guaranteed the packed cinema halls for the new one. Read more…

Movie Review – Bikkar Bai Senti Mental


Ever since the promo of Bikkar Bai Senti Mental has been released, different thoughts have been running in everyone’s mind. Some people think that this movie is going to bring a revolutionary change in the Punjabi Cinema, some think that it is more of a satire on our system and politicians, some are taking it as just a film with action packed in it. But one thing is for sure that it has made the most people think about the movie. So now when it has been released then lets see what Bikkar Bai’s Paawa has to say. Read more…

Movie Review – Daddy Cool Munde Fool


Daddy Cool Munde Fool, the title tells it all that it’s about a cool father and naughty sons. Even the promo showed that the movie is a funny battle between dad and sons. But the father certainly has a plethora of him essaying over the top of sons characters.

Daddy Cool Munde Fool carries one goal to aim at that is to entertain people without running after many logics. If we geared up for a Carry on Jatta or Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22 type of a movie with confusing humor in loads, then Daddy Cool Munde Fool remains little behind in the race. Read more…

Movie Review – Pooja Kivein Aa


If a movie title is already a familiar one to the audience, it can help a movie to gain some publicity. Same is with the movie Pooja Kivein Aa. Pooja Kivein Aa is a superhit song by Sharry Maan, so the movie got some sort of benefit to prevail the title amongst the audience. Above that when you add real Pooja with this title, it makes doubly impact. But lets discuss does the movie justifies to the popularity of its title. Read more…