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Garry Sandhu

Garry Sandhu, who is actually named Gurmukh Singh Sandhu is a famed name and an awarded Punjabi Singer. He was born on 4th Nov,1984. The early years of his life were spent in the musical environment, as he started taking the guidance of kavishri from his uncle, Gurdeep Singh Sandhu. He used to perform in the local gurudwara and from the spiritual way he got his musical track and he started his musical journey. Garry moved to Birmingham which is a well know place for Bangra lovers and it was the best place for him to grab his fortune. Garry was completely able to get the utmost exposure in Birmingham

As the studies were not at all a cup of his tea, his family and friends forced him to enhace his singing talent. He always was so much loved for his performances in private parties. He entered in the music world in the ending of year 2010. That was the time when his debut track named “ Main Nee Peenda was released”. But that was not upto his desires. He then joined hands with Dj Surinder Rattan and was introduced to Roach Killa, and they came up with successful hit track named “ Dil De De. Garry was later signed by GV and with his support, he again gave a big hit “ Brick” which has broken so many records and Mainstream Charts Worldwide were hit by it. During that time, Garry was found to be involed in Illegal Immigration issues and was deported back to Punjab.

Later, Garry was signed by Moviebox Record Label, which released on of his lates track “Ik Gal” in july 2012. Garry was having his nomination at the Brit Asian Music Awards and he also grabbed duo awards for being Best Newcomer and Best Male Act. Garry is still having the same potential for singing and his fan list is in increasing mode.


2012 – Freshie
2012 – Ik Gal
2012 – Brick
2011 – Dil De De
2011 – Sahan To Pyariya
2010 – Main Nee Peenda
2012 – Talli
2011 – Din Raat
2011 – Fresh
2011 – Tohar

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