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During his ongoing troubles, here are some facts to be considered about Gurbaksh Chahal


Reading about successful young entrepreneur, Gurbaksh Chahal, I found a quote that inspired me to me to write few words about him:

“I thought if I could write about my life and my journey and people could connect it with their own life, their own path, they could realize, ‘If he can do it, so why can’t I.'” Read more…

Raj – Poetry by Inder Raikot

Dil udhaas rehna yakeeni si
Iss dard kuz maheeni si
Kitey Maharaj Ranjit Singh da raj
Si Sanjhey sabh de riwaj Read more…

Question for all: Which way our Punjabi Music is going ?

Punjabi Music and Punjabi Singers

This article is not about one or few songs which are mentioned in the Article, in fact it is for all of those artists who are doing such songs, videos, movies etc.

By seeing the kind of Punjabi music stuff running on TV channels these days, I am forced to think and ask everyone that which way our Punjabi Music is going? Read more…

Popular Punjabi singer, Nirmal Sidhu organized a huge Social event


This is really good to know that our Punjabi Singers are participating in some social activities such as Blood Donation, Marriage of poor girls and Shabad Kirtan etc. The initiative was taken by the popular folk singer, Nirmal Sidhu at village Tehna, district Faridkot on Saturday, 21st February 2015. Read more…

Archaeological collector, Parminder Singh with huge collection of items from 10th Century onwards


Everyone have their own interests and likes. But there are some, who like to know about the history and old culture and how our human race gone through the vast changes. Such persons collect the items which belong to the old times and history. They are called the collectors or archaeological collectors. Read more…

Kuz K Pal – Poetry by Inder Singh Raikot

Ae rabba Teri bakhsas ton kyon vanjaaa hoyia Punjab
Kuz k pal eh dard sunaun layi de de

Bhtak Gaye vehley putt mawan de
Galley ghutey Gaye naukri de chavan de
Eh zakham dekhaun layi de de
Kuz k pal eh dard sunaun layi de de Read more…

Poetry – Tasveeran by Inder Singh Raikoti

Ishq wajarat kuz pattiyan tasveeran ne
Kuz k ujjadey ranjhey ne. Kuz k mariyan heeran ne
Iss maraz da hoyia na ilaaz
Zor layia bahut kayi peeran ne Read more…

Trishneet Arora, 18 years old ethical hacker released his first book, “The Hacking Era”

Trishneet Arora– Ethical Hacker, Author & Entrepreneur
Birthday – 2nd November
Birth Place – Ludhiana, India
Current City – Ludhiana, India

Ludhiana, August 7, 2012: Trishneet Arora, ethical hacker from India (Punjab), released his first book, “The Hacking Era” Read more…

Poetry Maharaja – by Inder Singh Raikoti

Koi chuk laiyonda si dhadd
Koi toombhi sohni wajaunda si
Koi sarangi da si mahar
Koi varran lik likh gaunda si
Yaaro virsa mere punjab da kadey maharaja kahaunda si
Aankhi si punjab kadey.Veer rass de sohlay gaunda si Read more…

India lifts the Kabaddi World Cup for the 3rd consecutive time

Once again India won the Kabaddi world cup defeating Pakistan in the finals at Guru Nanak Stadium Luhiana. India won this title for the third consecutive time. It didn’t prove to be a hard fought win for India as they dominated the match through out and beaten Pakistan by 59-22. India was in control from the beginning of the match as they were way ahead in the first half and never let the Pakistani team come close to the score margin. Read more…